I Can't Stop Shaking by Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

I Can’t Stop Shaking

I Can’t Stop Shaking, Over 10 Million People are Affected By Essential Tremor, provides important medical information, tips on living with Essential Tremor, as well as personal accounts of people living with Essential Tremor.

In the medical section Dr. Peter A LeWitt, a neurologist who sub-specializes in movement disorders, answers questions about Essential Tremor. Dr. LeWitt explains in simple terms what Essential Tremor is, how it affects people, and medical treatments for Essential Tremor.

In the personal stories section people who have Essential Tremor speak candidly and openly about what life is like living with Essential Tremor.

Sandy has been writing for most of her life and has published four nonfiction books. She is always working on her next project, so check back soon!



I am proud to recommend this book written by a person who has become not only a very good friend but a worldwide advocate for those with Essential Tremor (ET). Sandy and I first met shortly following the appearance of her article in Woman’s Day in May of 2001. From that point, I knew Sandy would have a significant impact on positively affecting the lives of those with ET. Sandy has certainly risen to the occasion and continues to make a difference.

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Sandy. She has begun a long journey—a journey to bring awareness about ET to all parts of the world. She has overcome her reluctance to speak out about ET and, in so doing, works diligently to bring about an understanding and normalcy to people whose lives who are filled with frustration trying to perform daily activities that others without ET often take for granted. Activities such as putting on mascara or eye shadow, shaving, eating, drinking, brushing teeth, and even teeing up a golf ball can produce significant difficulty, humiliation, and embarrassment. Activities such as these hold a special meaning to those with a tremor.

This is a wonderful book filled with the experiences and challenges of those who seek to overcome the disabling affects of ET in a world where there are few medications available and virtually none developed for ET. The book is an excellent resource of medical information and is filled with suggestions for coping from those that have lived with tremor for many years.

If you have ET or a tremor of some type that has yet to be diagnosed, you will more than likely identify with the stories that have so readily been shared. Hopefully, through these stories, you will gain your own strength and the encouragement to find ways to make a difference in your life as well as in the lives of others.

Lastly, there is a special bond that forms among people who share the challenges that a chronic medical condition often brings. I hope you, too, will find that special bond with those that have shared their stories and in so doing will help you find a lifetime of peace and solace within.

Thank you, Sandy, for your perseverance. The world needs more people like you who use their talent viii I Can’t Stop Shaking to bring about positive change. Congratulations on your book and in giving the world this wonderful gift.

Catherine Rice, Executive Director, International Essential Tremor Foundation



This book is simply wonderful for those suffering from ET (Essential Tremor), their loved ones, or anyone else who might be interested in this disorder. First, a neurologist answers questions about the disorder and we learn about the types of medications used for Essential Tremor (none of which have been developed strictly for this disorder but which happen to be useful). Then there are several stories from ET patients. The end of the book consists of tips for dealing with the shakiness which is what ET is all about.

Donna Hill



Buy this book if like me you suffer with tremor and shaking of any sort. A good read and worth every penny.

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